I write songs and sometimes get to perform them.  I performed my own songs inspired by spiritual Jewish music as part of a duo with Leah Thorn at the Edinburgh Festival 2008.   I have also performed my own songs at the Harrow Literary Festival.

I accompany myself on ukulele, mandolin, guitar and piano (not all at the same time!)

Songs for special occasions.  

Are you looking for an unusual present for your girlfriend / boyfriend / Mother / Husband etc?

Why not get a special song composed for them?  With your help I will find out who they are, what they like and any funny or interesting stories about them.  I will then turn those ideas into a song which I can either perform live or record for you to play at any time.  You will be consulted throughout the process so that you can make changes as you see fit.  IT IS YOUR SONG!  For more information, see the booking form.