Yalla originated in 2008 after a Three Faiths Forum (3FF) event called for artists and musicians from the 3 Abrahamic faiths to meet and exchange ideas.  At the event I met Poetic Pilgrimage, two incredibly talented and beautiful girls who were exploring their Muslim faith through poetry and lyrical raps.  We teamed up with the members of Klezmer band "Kavona" and called ourselves "Yalla" - an Arabic word that has become a favourite Israeli word, meaning "Lets Go!"  We were later joined by Venezuelan born, Muslim Jazz singer, Nabila, and a fellow South-American percussionist, Elizabeth.  

YALLA - All Women, All Faiths and none... exploring each other's music, culture and religious beliefs.  Politically and ethnically diverse, the Yalla girls became strong friends who understood that we have more in common than that which divides us.  If we can overcome, and even question our ingrained culturally established ideas about "the others", then others can too.  By channelling our energy into writing songs and music dealing with our cultural and religious diversity, we can change hearts and minds!

3FF went on to support Yalla through its various stages of development.  Yalla performed at several 3FF music and arts festivals, at SOAS as well as other Interfaith festivals, Government Interfaith events, the Jewish Museum and various Synagogues and Mosque events.

For more information about Yalla, and to book the band for an event, visit the booking page on this website.